Temporary Town Clerk announcements

Dear fellow Hanoverians:

Hanover Town Clerk Catherine Harder-Bernier today sought to assure the
public that the 2019 Annual Town Election will be run with the utmost
integrity, just as she does her job every day. “As the chief election
official for the Town of Hanover, one of the most important parts of my job
is to ensure that all of our elections are run according to Massachusetts
General Laws, and with the highest standards of professionalism and
honor”, said Harder-Bernier. “Accordingly, today I am announcing the
appointments of Ms. Narice Casper, Town Clerk of Marshfield, and Mr. Andrew
Dowd, Town Clerk of Northborough, as Temporary Town Clerks for the Town of
Hanover on Election Day, Saturday, May 11, 2019. They will be assisted by
Temporary Assistant Town Clerk Patricia Detterman, Assistant Town Clerk of
Plympton”, continued Harder-Bernier.

Town Clerk Harder-Bernier went on to explain, “As the elected Town Clerk
of Hanover, I am running for re-election in 2019, and have already
qualified for the ballot. Despite the fact that there is an exemption in
the law that permits Town Clerks to perform election-related functions, I
understand that I will be a walking campaign sign on Election Day, and that
my presence inside the polls on Election Day could be construed by some to
be a conflict of interest. Therefore, I will enter the polls briefly
during the day only to vote, as any other resident of the town would.
Otherwise, I will remain outside the 150-foot no-electioneering line all
morning, afternoon, and evening on the 11th.”

Town Clerk Narice Casper of Marshfield will have complete control of the
election, including the ballots, all day on May 11th. Town Clerk Andrew
Dowd of Northborough, whose town already owns Elections Systems and
Software’s DS200’s, the same voting tabulators that the Town of Hanover
just purchased, will be on site to advise and assist election workers and
voters with the new machines as needed. Plympton Assistant Town Clerk
Patricia Detterman will be there to support Ms. Casper and Mr. Dowd as
necessary, and is also legally authorized to act in a Town Clerk’s place
when needed.

The Town of Hanover will also be served on Election Day by long-time
Hanover Wardens Lois Crocker, Kathy Fanning, Carol Mattes and Rick Mattes,
along with dozens of well trained and seasoned election workers. Each of
the Wardens is responsible for one of the four precincts during the day.
“I have complete faith in all of our election workers to run a fair and
responsible election, and with the same deep sense of integrity that I
bring to the polls when I am there. This extra layer of supervision, and
my absence from inside the polls, serves to reassure everyone that the May
2019 election results will be completely fair and accurate”, concluded

Questions regarding these arrangements may be direct to the Hanover Town
Clerk’s Office, (781) 826-5000, x1079, the Marshfield Town Clerk’s
Office, (781) 834-5540, the Northborough Town Clerk’s Office at (508)
393-5001, or the Plympton Town Clerk’s Office at (781) 585-3220.

For “Around Town on the Web”,
Cathy H-B

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