Dear fellow Hanoverians:

The annual town census has been mailed to all Hanover households. New again
this year – if you do not have any changes to your town census, you may
submit your response on-line! All residents should review the information
on the form, make any changes if necessary, and sign and return the form as
soon as possible. If there are no changes to your town census, go to:
and fill out the on-line form. Household members who are temporarily
living away from home, such as college students, members of the military
services, etc., should not be removed from the census if they plan to use
Hanover as their voting address.

Also included in the census mailing are a Hanover School Information Sheet
and a Dog License Application. If applicable to your household, these forms
should also be completed and may be returned in the enclosed addressed
envelope or dropped through the mail slot with your census in the front
door of the Hanover Town Hall.
If you did not receive a town census form or are new to the Town of
Hanover, you can download one on-line here:
Completion of the annual census is important for a number of reasons. It
assists in accurate municipal planning, it assists the police and fire
departments in case of an emergency in your home, and it allows Hanover to
receive the proper allocation of state and federal funds and grants. Filing
a census can provide proof of residency for a number of legal requirements
such as in-state tuition at state colleges, housing benefits, veterans’
benefits, and insurance benefits. Also, any registered voters in a
household that fails to complete an annual census will lose their
“active” voter status, which is an important consideration in this busy
election year.

For more information, please contact Carol Mattes at
carol.mattes@hanover-ma.gov or (781) 826-5000 x1028, Town Clerk Catherine
Harder-Bernier at catherine.harderbernier@hanover-ma.gov or Assistant Town
Clerk Meg Pallotta at meg.pallotta@hanover-ma.gov or (781) 826-5000 x1079 .

For “Around Town on the Web”,
Cathy H-B

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