More break-ins in Hanover

Dear fellow Hanoverians:
I have been impaneled in a jury down in Plymouth Superior Court all
week (another story for another day!), so I apologize for the delay in
getting this information to you. Thank goodness a couple of you, my
readers, took the time to send me a quick e-mail so that I can pass
along this unfortunate news.
On Tuesday, July 19, there were four break-ins right here in Hanover.
The break-ins appear to be similar to those that happened at the
beginning of the summer on Main and Cedar Streets. They occurred
during the morning hours and at houses that appeared to have no one at
home at the time. The violations occurred on Circuit, Hanover and
Pleasant Streets this time. As before, the intruders are kicking in
back doors.
On the very same day, Tuesday, our neighboring Hanson Police
Department responded to a break-in with a similar pattern. A neighbor
next to the housebreak recalls seeing an older model blue station
wagon in the victim’s driveway, but did not get a license plate
number. Although this might not be connected to the break-ins in
Hanover, it may very well be, too.
I cannot stress enough the importance of “neighborhood
watches”…especially and even on busy streets such as these. Do you
know your neighbors’ schedules? Can you keep an eye out for each
other? Are there unusual cars (especially but not necessarily a blue
station wagon) parked on your street? Do you see people in your
neighbors’ back yard that you don’t recognize? If you notice ANY
suspicious activity, do not hesitate to call 911 and let our Hanover
PD handle it. They can’t be everywhere; so we can be their eyes and
ears! If you have some non-urgent information, the HPD business line
is 781-826-3231. Detective John Owens can be reached at (781)
826-2335, ext. 115.

For “Around Town on the Web”,
Cathy H-B

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