Around Town on the Web

“Around Town on the Web” is a community service that has been provided to self-selected residents of the Town of Hanover since the spring of 2004. Originally conceived as a method to deliver information to residents regarding the first $150,000 request for the newly reconstituted School Building Committee, “ATOTW” has grown into an information resource that hundreds of tech-savvy Hanover residents now count on. E-blasts are sent regularly and average between 3 – 15 a week on Town of Hanover topics that range from Town Meeting news to youth sports sign-ups to issues regarding community safety. For a sampling of this week’s postings, go to .



What will you send “Around Town on the Web”?

For those new to “ATOTW”, please know that I am a volunteer who is simply joyfully providing a service to my community. I send information regarding:

  • Non-profit events in Hanover
  • Events sponsored by Hanover non-profit organizations
  • The Town of Hanover’s municipal government
  • Contested town elections (candidate information must be brief and unbiased)
  • For-profit organizations which are providing a free community service to Hanover residents occasionally. I do ask that for-profits use traditional paid-for advertising. (I still enjoy reading the newspaper, and they need the ad revenue!)
  • Individual Hanover residents in need (but not lost and found animals – please send that information to the local papers)
  • Significant Hanover happenings and milestones
  • Community safety issues

    If something I send is not of interest to you, just hit delete! I make connections, provide a resource, and bring people together. I shout good news from the rooftops! I hope that I encourage you to get involved, stay involved, and help to make Hanover the tremendous, affectionate, and united small town that it already is and will certainly continue to be with your devoted participation.

How do I submit something to “Around Town on the Web”?

  • Please write your information in a press-release format – include who, what, where, how, when, and why, and send it so that I can simply cut and paste and send it along.
  • Please include a contact name AND e-mail address in the information slated to go out in case recipients have further questions. Phone numbers are also helpful, but not a “must”. E-mail addresses are a “must”.
  • Please only send Word documents or information embedded in an e-mail. Most everything else does not cut and paste well and therefore does not read well once it goes out.
  • We have the capability to send .pdf’s as attachments as long as they do not exceed 2 MB. Please also submit some text to go in the e-mail that accompanies the attached .pdf.
  • Send everything to
  • We reserve the right to edit anything we send out, and also the right to refuse to send something out entirely.
  • Your information will usually go out within 72 hours of my receipt unless you request a delay. Please plan your promotional campaigns accordingly.
  • We also have the capability to schedule the date and time that an e-mail will go out. So, for instance, if your e-mail is complementing a long-running Mariner ad, you may wish for the ATOTW e-mail to serve as a reminder a few days or a week before the event.
  • We don’t send reminders or slightly revised updates. We clog up people’s in-boxes enough as it is! All ATOTW postings are also available in the archives for later reference by the residents of Hanover.