From our DPW

Dear fellow Hanoverians:
Please join me in supporting our Department of Public Works by taking a
moment to read this notice that appeared on their website this week:

“Monday’s storm dumped record snow on the Town. We are pleased to report
that all roads remained open throughout the storm, although as a result of
the very high snow banks, many of the subdivision roads are quite narrow as
most of our plowing fleet is not large enough to throw snow over the banks.
We are actively pushing back snow at intersections and along subdivision
roads with front end loaders and large snow blowers. This effort will
continue until the job is completed. We are making every effort to be
careful in this effort, but undoubtedly some damage may occur. Our primary
focus is public safety, with our overall goal of providing enough space on
every road for the Fire Department to adequately stage equipment in the
event of an emergency. Any property damage as a result of snow removal
efforts will be properly addressed as the snow melts. We ask residents to
be patient as we slowly bring the roadway network back to normal.

We request that residents refrain from parking in the street and ask that
if you have a plow that plows your driveway, that snow must NOT be plowed
into the street. Plowing snow into the street sets back the Town’s efforts
and may delay emergency response to your neighborhood.

We do not have the resources to plow the ends of driveways that have
already been opened up by a private plow. Please make arrangements with
your own contractor to do this work once the Town’s snow and ice operations
have completed.

Any fallen trees with wires must be grounded and cleared by National Grid
before they can be removed by Town personnel. All downed wires should be
considered live. Residents should report downed trees to the Town’s
Emergency Communication Center (911) and are advised to stay clear of any
fallen wires to avoid a potentially life threatening situation.

The snow and ice page of the DPW website, accessible from the blue menu bar
on the left hand side of the page, will provide specific information
regarding the DPW’s activities during a storm. The Town’s website, as well
as the Town’s Facebook page, will be updated during storms to provide
residents with up to the minute storm information.

The Ames Way brush and compost piles are closed until further notice so as
not to interfere with the DPW’s snow and ice operations. The facility will
reopen once it is deemed safe.

The Transfer Station is closed while we work to make the facility safe for
vehicles and pedestrians. The facility will reopen on Friday, February

Forge Pond Park will be closed until the parking lot and roadways are
cleared and deemed safe.”

(Editor’s note: As someone who works with and knows quite a few of the DPW
staff, I can personally vouch for the fact that they are working very hard
and need our support and understanding. This snow might just be
unprecedented – cut them some slack!)

For “Around Town on the Web”,
Cathy H-B

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