Hanover VNA Community Foundation says thanks

Dear fellow Hanoverians:

The following delightful letter is coming to you straight from the good
folks at the Hanover VNA.

“As we near the end of 2019, we pause to reflect on the highlights which
occurred during the past year.
This letter of appreciation is sent to all our friends in Hanover. You,
through your donations, provide the spark which ignites all that we do!
Because of you, we are able to reach out to those in need throughout our
This past year started out with the 90th birthday of the Hanover VNA, an
organization whose mission has and continues to be one of medically helping
Hanoverians in need.
Our board is now known as The Hanover VNA Community Foundation, which
oversees requests for aid, as well as scholarships, camperships and the
Thanksgiving and Christmas Gift-givings. We continue to work closely with
the Hanover Visiting nurses, especially during the holidays. For
Thanksgiving, we were able to help 129 Hanover families enjoy the holiday.
During the Christmas season, approximately 40 families, with a total of 90
children and 31 senior citizens also received presents and gift cards.
In conjunction with the Hanover VNA, the Hanover Police force, the Fire
Department, the Hanover Schools, churches and you, the residents of
Hanover, we are able to continue the work first started many years ago.
On behalf of the Hanover VNA Community Foundation, thank you for your
support, especially financially, through our Annual Fund Drive. We could
not accomplish all that we do without you…you are the “spark”!
We hope you had a wonderful Christmas and have a new year showered with
many blessings.
Jo Koelsch, President
Hanover VNA Community Foundation

Contributions are gratefully accepted throughout the year. Send to:
Hanover VNA Community Foundation
Hanover Town Hall…VNA Office
Hanover, MA 02339”

For “Around Town on the Web”,
Cathy H-B

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