Woodland Village update

Dear fellow Hanoverians:

Below please find an update regarding Woodland Village, the proposed 40B
project on the Route 53 Interchange District. Many thanks to Hanover
resident Laura Rappaport for her time and energies spent tracking down this

Recently, the town approved the Barstow Village project, which put the town
at a percentage of low income housing that allows the town a 2 year
moratorium on approving 40B projects. The developer of Woodland Village has
filed an appeal with the Dept. of Housing & Community Development (DHCD) to
dispute this. A copy of the developer’s appeal may be found here:
http://atotw.com/files/Hanover-Woods-DHCD-Appeal-12-17-09-Excerpt.pdf. The
town’s response to the appeal may be found here:
http://atotw.com/files/DHCD-Hanover-Response-to-Appeal.pdf . On February 2,
the DHCD found in favor of the Town of Hanover. As you may remember, a
Public Hearing was opened by the Hanover Zoning Board of Appeals (ZBA) to
hear the developer’s proposal for the Woodland Village 40B project on
December 28, 2009. At the request of the developer, the Public Hearing was
continued to first this past Monday, and now until March 8th, 2010.

The developer has also requested a meeting with the residents of Walnut Hill
to explain his plan and answer any questions about his proposed project.
This meeting is scheduled for Wednesday, March 3, 2010 at 7:00 p.m. at the
Town Hall. The developer wants to amend the zoning bylaws passed at the
Sept. 2008 Special Town meeting. These amendments could potentially include
lessening the buffer zones between residences and the project, allow
buildings up to 7 story units, and lessening the restrictions on what type
of business would be allowed in the Interchange District.

An e-mail account has been set up by Hanover residents for the sole purpose
of keeping fellow residents informed about meetings and other developments
concerning the Woodland Village LLC project. If you would like to be
included in these updates, please send an e-mail to ourwalnuthill@gmail.com
with your name, address, phone number and whether you would be willing to be

Plans and other information on this project can be found at
http://www.hanover-ma.gov/woodland-village.shtml . For more information,
please contact the Planning Office at (781) 826-7641.

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Cathy H-B

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