1,000+ Hanoverians

Dear fellow Hanoverians:


Thought I’d take advantage of the summer lull in
e-mails to let you know that “Around Town on the Web” has surpassed
the one thousand mark for recipients!  Thanks to all of you for your
support of our little volunteer community service project that was originally
founded to help get the word out about the reconstituted school building
committee back in the spring of 2004.  Six years, 60 million dollars, one
huge lawsuit win, and a new high school (set to open just over a year from now!)
later, I’d say that was a pretty cool ball to help start rolling.  J 


But, I sure never thought that my handful of e-mails in 2004
would lead to this!  With the help of my webmaster Mike Van Lare, we now
average about one e-mail a day, maintain an archive that serves as an
electronic file cabinet for all of Hanover, and reach over 1,000 Hanover
residents with the click of a mouse.  We’ve never advertised,
fundraised, or sold ad space.  But, we sure have been a cog in the wheel of
positive change for our beloved small town.


Remember, though, that you make it possible.  You let us
know when there are people in need, or non-profits hosting events, or big news
here in town.  We are only as good as the information we receive. 
Keep it coming, and keep passing the word about getting on “the list”. 
Together we can do fabulous things.  For more information, please go to www.atotw.com .


For "Around Town on the Web",

Cathy H-B


"Around Town on the Web" is a community service
that has been provided to self-selected residents of the Town of Hanover since
the spring of 2004.  If someone forwarded this message to you and you
would like to receive these communications directly, please e-mail your first
and last name and e-mail address to cathyhb@atotw.com .  If you would like to be
removed from this distribution list, please e-mail your request to me at cathyhb@atotw.com
.  For submission guidelines and answers to frequently asked questions
about "ATOTW", please go to www.atotw.com
.  To search for archived "ATOTW" news, just go to http://atotw.com/archive .



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