Time is running out…submit your census on-line!

Dear fellow Hanoverians:

Registrar of Voters Chairman Nancy Goldthwait and Town Clerk Catherine
Harder-Bernier appealed today for the assistance of the people of Hanover
regarding the return of the town’s census. The “Annual Street
Listing”, better known as the Town Census, was mailed in early January
and residents of Hanover are kindly reminded to return it as soon as

“We’ve had a great response to the census this year; we are well ahead
of previous years in terms of our collection rate. We are hoping that this
additional reminder will prompt a few more folks to send their census in
and avoid being made an inactive voter this spring,” said Harder-Bernier.
“New this year, you can even submit your census on-line if you don’t
have any changes!”, Harder-Bernier continued.

Goldthwait noted that the census is important for a number of reasons.
“Hanover Police and Fire Departments need to know who is living in a
residence so that they can respond appropriately in case of an emergency,
the correct tally of persons is necessary for voting purposes, and a
correct census helps insure Hanover receives adequate state funding based
on population,” Goldthwait said. “Send in your census today!”,
Goldthwait added.

No changes and want to file on-line? Go to:
https://www.hanover-ma.gov/census . Misplaced your form? Blank forms are
available on the Town Clerk’s webpage at
https://www.hanover-ma.gov/sites/hanoverma/files/uploads/census_form.pdf .
Feel free to drop your completed census in the mailbox in the front door of
Town Hall.

Further information about the town’s census may be obtained by going to
the Town Clerk’s page of the Town website at
http://www.hanover-ma.gov/town-clerk/pages/street-list-and-census , by
calling the Board of Registrar’s Office at (781) 826-5000 x1082 or by
e-mailing nancy.goldthwait@hanover-ma.gov or
catherine.harderbernier@hanover-ma.gov .

For “Around Town on the Web”,
Cathy H-B

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