Small Business Saturday

Dear fellow Hanoverians:

As the daughter of a small business owner, I could not let this week go by
without the following…

Let’s face it. Small businesses will struggle during these times of
COVID-19. So, instead of once a year after Thanksgiving, let’s make every
Saturday “Small Business Saturday”.

I stopped in to a small, locally owned restaurant on Thursday and picked up
my lunch. It was weird, not normal. There were two people behind the
register and one in the kitchen. Normally there’s close to twice that back
there. There was a guy waiting for his take-out order who stepped back the
requisite 6 feet as I walked in, and no one was seated. Normally the place
is packed with diners and there are several in line. I had called ahead,
and so my food was ready, and I paid with cash. I left the money on the
counter so the cashier could take it after she put her plastic gloves back
on. The whole thing was weird. How will they pay the rent?

I heard from a friend whose husband works at an oil delivery company who
was concerned about the fact that he had to keep delivering oil and making
house calls. He’s an essential service, so of course he’s still working,
but how do you stop that worry? You can’t. He’s a small business, and if
I know him, he’s proud to do his job despite the risks. How can I support
my friends?

I read Facebook posts from my now-closed local gym, and wondered if the
trainers were being paid to post the new on-line workouts, and did I need
to send them money anyway despite being closed? What about the local
Hanover-based people who weren’t posting the on-line workouts; how were
they being paid…or were they? How can I make a contribution?

And then there was the passing of George, an icon at the register at the
Hanover Shaw’s. I am heartbroken; he’s not going to thank me for putting
in my phone number any longer. Granted, Shaw’s isn’t a small business, but
please tell me they are taking care to mark his passing? He was a beloved
fixture and will be missed. How can I pay my respects?

C’mon Hanover. Join me in supporting our small businesses (and the large
ones who employ our beloved neighbors). Shop local. Keep six feet away,
sure. Find a way to support your local small businesses this Saturday (and
every day) despite the weirdness of COVID-19. Together we can do this!

For “Around Town on the Web”,
Cathy H-B

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