“Our” North River’s water quality

Dear fellow Hanoverians:


Some years this information is reported in the news, other
years either it is not, or perhaps I just miss it.  Either way, it is
noteworthy for those of us who leave near and enjoy “our” North
River.  And since I had not seen it yet this year, I thought I’d share it
with all of you.


The North and South River Watershed just released their
latest River Watch Water Quality Results.  One of the testing sites is at the
Washington Street Bridge at the Hanover/Pembroke line.  I was disappointed to
read that our fecal coliform bacteria counts were too high for even swimming (much
less for shellfish consumption or drinking water) on two out of the four
testing dates, as follows:


Test date           &nb sp; Colonies per 100 mL of water

June 3                    120

June 17           &nbsp ;    400

July 1                     93

July 19           &nbsp ;      230


The Massachusetts threshold for swimming is no more than 200
colonies per 100 mL.  The Massachusetts threshold for shellfish is no more than
14 colonies per 100 mL, and for drinking water, it is 0 per 100 mL.


For the complete water test results including other sites in
the North River, please go to h ttp://www.nsrwa.org/files/2010%20Riverwatch%20results7-19.pdf
.  For more information about these results, or to volunteer to help remedy
this situation, feel free to contact the good folks at the NSRWA via the
information found here http://www.nsrwa.org/


For "Around Town on the Web",

Cathy H-B


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