Vote Early by Mail in the November 3rd State Election

Dear fellow Hanoverians:

The run-up to the November 3rd State Election has already begun, and
already the questions have been pouring in. Most inquiries seem to be from
folks worried about making sure they will be able to vote on November 3rd.
Today’s e-blast will focus on Vote-by-Mail.

If you returned your postcard application from the Secretary of State’s
Office back in August requesting a ballot for “all elections this year”,
you will be mailed a November ballot in October. Don’t worry, it’s coming.
We expect ballots to be mailed sometime around Columbus Day, the second
week in October. Hopefully they will go out before that, but based on
September’s delivery of ballots, the second week in October is realistic.
Ballots are being printed as this e-mail is being written; please be

If you didn’t return your postcard application to Vote-by-Mail in August,
the Secretary’s Office just did a second mailing of new postcard
applications to everyone who had not requested a November Vote-by-Mail
ballot as of September 1st. If you got another postcard application and
want to vote by mail this time around, fill it out, SIGN IT, and send it in
to the Town Clerk’s Office, 550 Hanover Street. It’s a business reply
postcard; no stamps needed.

Don’t have a postcard application and still want to vote by mail? Here’s
the link to the 8 1/2″ x 11″ application:
. Fill it out, print it out, SIGN IT, and deliver it to the Hanover Town
Clerk’s Office at 550 Hanover Street. We will be re-opening the ballot
drop box in front of town hall soon; you can put your application for a
ballot in there, or just put in in US mail. A stamp is needed for that
application if you put it in US Mail. The U.S. Postal Service recommends
submitting applications no later than October 20 to ensure the timely
delivery of your ballot. A ballot cannot be mailed to you if your
application reaches your local election office after 5 p.m. on October 28.

If you are new to town, you need to register to vote first. Not sure if
you are registered? Go to:
. Want to register to vote? Go to:
. The deadline to register in the November State Election is October 24th.
Stay tuned for more information about in-person voting!

For “Around Town on the Web”,
Cathy H-B

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