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Dear fellow Hanoverians:

The town had a great response to the first COVID-19 vaccination clinic for
Hanover residents over the age of 75 scheduled for tomorrow, February 10th.
That clinic is now full. If you were lucky enough to get an appointment,
I love sharing this news: Hanover resident Kimberly Poirier is able and
willing to provide masked/socially distant transportation for you. She can
be reached at . More good news for today includes
some updates and reminders:

Clinic appointments continue to open up in surrounding towns. Go to
and search for another nearby. For instance, there is one at the
Marshfield Fairgrounds that began adding appointments on Monday:
I have friends over 75 who have gone to Hanover’s CVS, Fenway, Gillette
and their local doctor’s offices. Check out the state website and keep

As Hanover opens up additional appointments at future clinics here in
Hanover, that information will be shared as soon as possible right here on

I’ve gotten several calls from people who do not have access to a computer
or a family member who can help them. Please share this COVID-19 Hotline
number for Hanover residents widely: (781) 924-1925. There are people
answering that phone line who can help make an appointment for you (if you
qualify/this is your Phase).

If you are not sure if this is your “Phase” (if you are prioritized for the
vaccine yet), please go to:
for more information.

For “Around Town on the Web”,
Cathy H-B

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