Town Meeting details

Dear fellow Hanoverians:

Hanover’s Special and Annual Town Meetings are Monday, June 29th, tomorrow
as I write this, at Starland, 645 Washington Street. The Special Town
Meeting will start at 7:00 p.m. and the Annual Town Meeting will start at
7:30 p.m. Some tips from our Town Moderator Doug Thomson to make your
Town-Meeting-in-a-pandemic easier:

“Everyone will enter through the South end of the building, which is the
far right as you face it. It is the end door on the lower level near the
mini golf. You will be required to be wearing a mask to enter the facility.

Outside the building, you will cue up with 6 foot spacing just like we have
all gotten used to at the supermarket. (Editor’s hope-this-is-helpful
note: it is supposed to rain – bring an umbrella/raincoat in case there is
a line.) As you enter the building, you will be directed to any one of
multiple (4) tables to check in. You do not need to know your precinct or
go to any precinct-specific table. (Town Clerk’s hope-this-is-helpful note:
If you are an out-of-town non-voting visitor, there will also be a
separate table for you to sign in – for contact tracing purposes.) After
checking in, you will be directed on down the hall to the main room
entrance, and onward to your seat.

Chairs will be arranged at 6 foot+ spacing throughout the facility. You
will be directed to the next sequential seat as you enter. We need to have
this organization to operate safely and efficiently so please just take the
seat you are given. There will be no close seating, regardless who you walk
in with. You can sit close together when you get back home. Please do not
move any chairs from their placed location.

Plan on arriving a bit early as it may take a while to get everyone checked
in and seated. (Town Clerk’s hope-this-is-helpful note: check in will
start at 6:15 p.m.) This is a new challenge for everyone involved so
please try to be patient and considerate. Masks will be required to enter
the building and should be worn throughout the meeting to the maximum
extent possible. If you need to briefly remove your mask during the
meeting, please do so while seated. One side note – please don’t bring
your children with you this year. I like having kids experience government
too but with the social distancing setup and a limited non-resident
section, it’s too difficult. Thanks.

I will have more details on the operation of the meeting but, suffice to
say, it will be as close to normal as possible, albeit probably slower
because speakers will have further to travel to reach the stand
microphones. Feel free to PM or email me (my address is on the Town’s
website) if you have any questions or comments. I’m looking forward to
seeing you there – Doug (your Town Moderator)”

Additionally, the warrants for the meetings are found here:
. Printed warrants will be available at Starland. By the way – a huge
shout out to Starland – especially Frank, Kelsey and Deb – for their
amazing preparations as of this writing…not to mention everything still
on their lists! They have been extraordinarily easy to work with, and this
daughter-of-a-small-business-owner is happy to support them and sing their

Voters of Hanover – don’t let a pandemic get in the way of your voice being
heard. See you at Town Meeting!

For “Around Town on the Web”,
Cathy H-B

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