Town Meeting summary

Dear fellow Hanoverians:

I am delighted that one of our newest members of the Board of the
Selectmen, Vanessa O’Connor, has agreed to let me share this brief summary
that she wrote regarding last night’s Town Meeting, as follows:

“Thank you to all who participated in very successful Special and Annual
Town Meetings yesterday. Starland and the Town put in a great deal of work
to provide a safe space to hold the meeting.

Please see below for a brief summary of the key takeaways—I note that the
below is by no means a comprehensive summary of the Meetings, which will be
available to watch on demand through HCTV and are currently available on
the Town Facebook page.

Article 7. Community Preservation Home Rule Act: FAILED

This Article was to authorize the Board of Selectmen to petition the
General Court of the Commonwealth to enact a Home Rule Act temporarily
(from 7/1/2020 to 6/30/2022) reducing the Community Preservation Act
(“CPA”) Surcharge from 3% to 1.2% (or the minimal amount require to
cover existing obligations). The purpose of the Article was to afford
temporary relief to Hanover residents arising out of COVID-19 and the
resulting impact on the overall economy. The motion failed, meaning the CPA
Surcharge will remain at 3%.

Article 8. General Fund Operating Budget: PASSED

While several amendments were proposed to the Budget, this motion
ultimately passed as presented in the Warrant. The FY2021 budget represents
the lowest yearly percent real estate tax increase for the average
homeowners in 12 years. While Free Cash is being used to balance the
Budget, we will continue to meet our goal of maintaining a 3%-5% reserve.
We will continue to face immense challenges relating to the economic
ramifications of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic as we prepare the FY 2022

As the issue of C&D disposal came up during the debate on this Article, I
note that while today remains the final day that the Transfer Station will
accept C&D waste, the issue will likely be revisited by the Board of
Selectmen this year. It is clear that many residents want this service back
but we face the challenges posed by abuse of C&D disposal by both residents
and non-residents as well as the high cost incurred by the town to dispose
of C&D material.

Article 25. Petition General Court – All Alcohol Beverage Licenses for
Demoulas Supermarket: FAILED

This Article sought to have the Town petition the General Court of the
Commonwealth to adopt special legislation granting the Board of Selectmen
authority to issue an off-premises liquor license to the owners of the
Market Basket coming to Hanover Crossing. After a lengthy debate, the
motion failed.”

Thanks, Vanessa, for this summary. I hope it is the first of many
collaborations between you and ATOTW!

For “Around Town on the Web”,
Cathy H-B

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