Candidate for School Committee – Ryan Hall

Dear fellow Hanoverians:

Below please find Ryan Hall’s candidate profile:

Candidate Information Sheet

Name: Ryan Hall

Office Seeking: School Committee

Address: 131 Dillingham Way

Telephone Number: 781-985-9885

Length of Residency: 11 years

Please list relevant experience (education, vocation, etc) you feel will be
useful in the office you are seeking

I have devoted the past 17 years to contributing to the development of the
education model: teaching mathematics in inclusive classrooms, writing
grants, implementing technology, planning and participating with local and
regional educational committees, developing and implementing a rigorous,
standards-based curriculum. Currently, I am teaching both middle and high
school in neighboring Duxbury. During this past year I’ve taught within a
synchronous hybrid model, using Zoom to connect students at home to the
classroom every day.

My experience in education has a broad reach and has allowed me to have
worked in many districts as well as in many different classroom models,
from a Wellesley elementary school, to a high school in Roxbury and then to
Plymouth South High School. Now, in my current role as a middle and high
school math educator in Duxbury, a 1:1 district, I am able to build on my
use of teaching with technology to support a co-teaching and inclusion
model. In addition to my time working in education, I am a parent of three
children entering grades 6, 5 and 1 in the fall, which has provided me with
the perspective of how collaboration between parents and schools feels from
both sides of the table. Our family has so enjoyed meeting our town
neighbors through the Food Pantry collections, sports programs, and our
experiences at Cedar, Center, and the Middle School.

What are the major issues confronting the town which involve your office.
Please express your opinion on these issues and how you propose to deal
with them.

As Hanover emerges from the hybrid model we have worked within this year,
our schools need to acknowledge the impact that the pandemic has had on the
mental health of our student body and implement effective policies and
programs to address the social/emotional needs of all of our children.

Though our district was able to provide access to remote learning for every
student, it was a more effective tool for some children than for others. We
need to recognize the individual academic needs of all students, meet them
where they are as they return to full in-classroom learning, and provide
them with the support needed to meet the state standards. It will be even
more important to continue to use data-driven analysis, in partnership with
the faculty and administration, to be able to conduct meaningful curriculum
and program reviews to ensure progress. My current experience with writing
and implementing curriculum at the Middle and High School levels, would
provide needed insight to this process.

Through it all, we need to encourage open communication and positive
working relationships with families. Together, we can stay proactive as we
focus on solutions that work for everyone.

Why are you running for this office?

As a taxpayer, a homeowner, a teacher, and a full-time working parent to
three children in the Hanover school system (middle, elementary and the
youngest receiving special education services), I bring a broad and
intentional viewpoint to the position. As a currently active educator, I
look forward to bringing a fresh perspective to the ongoing issues facing
the district. I believe that through open, and ongoing communication and a
strong partnership among the community, the families, the administration,
the educators, and the committee, we will continue to build a strong and
responsive district for all.

After a difficult year of living, learning, and teaching through a
pandemic, we all want to help our community. Over my last eleven years in
Hanover, I have met many children and families and teachers that have
shared their own stories with me. Those stories, as well as my own, fuel my
desire to run for this office. I believe my years of experience in
education, my current role in the classroom, as well as my demonstrated
dedication to ensuring all students reach their full potential, will
benefit the School Committee and the Hanover community. I am excited to be
on the ballot and running again for School Committee so that I might bring
the breadth of my experience and passion to Hanover.

For “Around Town on the Web”,
Cathy H-B

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