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Hanover Council on Aging
665 Center Street, Hanover
Front Desk – 781-924-1913 or coa@hanover-ma.gov

Hello from the Hanover Council on Aging.
The mission of the Hanover Senior Center is to optimize the quality of life
by providing services, educational programs and activities which enhance
the lives of seniors, people with disabilities, their families, and
caregivers. Our vision is to meet the evolving needs of Hanover’s
growing population.

We will do this by:
Delivering quality services and programs that reflect individual needs,
personal choice, and self-determination based on values, culture, and
Enhancing an individual’s sense of self-worth by encouraging
contributions of time and talent.
Creating an environment that encourages social interaction and personal
Providing the opportunity to participate in a variety of interesting and
enjoyable programs.
Ensuring effective planning that supports the COA mission.

Today we are reaching out to let you know about some great new programming
we have added!

Writing Group
Starting Monday, October 18, 2021, at 1:30 p.m. – meets every two weeks
Dates will be November 1, 15 and 29
Facilitator: Diane Campbell
Do you have a passion for writing and enjoy sharing with others? This is
your moment to shine. In this writing group you will be able to write about
your history, what keeps you going during COVID, stories that can be
fiction or nonfiction, poetry, or simple statements. Story telling
especially with younger children’s stories of your past can be rewarding
and fun. So come join this group!

Book Club
Wednesdays at 1:30 p.m. meets every two weeks—November 3 and 17
Dates will be November 3, November 17, and December 1.
Facilitator: Diane Campbell
Join us as we explore a different kind of book club. Instead of reading the
same book and discussing it, we will share what each of us likes to read
and offer new suggestions of authors and books that have moved us.

Hillsdale College* with in-house leader Kenton Greene
Wednesday November 10, 2021 9:30 a.m.
“Everyone You Will Ever Meet Knows Something You Don’t”. Bill Kye
Let’s get together for some online courses and discussions that cultivate
the mind!
Hillsdale College* produces free online courses on important topics such as
political and moral philosophy, the history of Western Civilization, and
civil liberties, and more than 35 courses in Politics, Literature,
History, Religion, Education and Economics are available.
All are welcomed of any age or interest. Participation is encouraged, but
not mandatory. Good listeners make good friends!

A soothing yet revitalizing massage of the feet or hands which corresponds
to a mini map of the body. Marianne Walter, Board Certified LMT, will
revitalize you in a restorative session. 10 mins $15. 20 mins $25. 30 mins
$35. By appointment beginning the second Tuesday of the month. 1:00 –
4:00 p.m. November 9. Registration required.

Mindful Meditation
Certified at HMS in Meditation and Visualization Practices for Well-Being,
Marianne Walter LMT CYI will lead you to awareness, calm, focus and
peacefulness, through various components of the meditative process and
mindfulness exercises. Wear comfortable clothing to relax in. Six-week
session begins Tuesday, November 17th – 30th, and December 14 – 28. 9.30 –
10.30 a.m. Registration required. **Please bring your own mat and dress

Staying Fit with Sarah
Sarah is back! The COA has secured Sarah’s great exercise class 9:30 a.m.
every Wednesday!

Crafting/Ceramics with Brandi
Wednesday, November 10, 2021, at 2:00 p.m.
Join us for Crafting/Ceramics with Brandi! This class will meet once a
month on a Wednesday and participants will be able to leave with the
project made the same day. Art and craft materials will be supplied, and
this program has been paid for the Hanover Council on Aging. This class is

Collaging for Fun with Deb
Wednesday, November 17, 2021, at 2:00 p.m.
Intergenerational Special Program: Collaging for Fun and Enjoyment, gift
giving or personal use, framed, laminated or greeting card. All ages
welcome. Finished projects can be used for display or play. Two trained
consultants provide all materials ready to use. Materials include 5×7 card
stocks with choice of framing, laminating or envelopes for gift giving
together with precut pictures, no cutting needed, and glue sticks for
simplicity of all ages. Surface area will be kept clean with covering.
Program area will be swept upon completion.

We also have a very large selection of audio books up for grabs if anyone
would like to come and borrow or keep some!

All programs require preregistration. Please sign-up using
Myactivecenter.com. If you need assistance, please call 781-924-1913.

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